“AGATES” Ltd. was established in 2001 in the town of Nor Hachn, which has been the center of Armenia’s diamond manufacturing since 1970s. Diamonds polished by the professionals of Nor Hachn have been demanded in the international market for more than 40 years.

During all this time the team of Agates has striven to be among the best diamond manufacturing enterprises, and we may say that our efforts were crowned with success. Today we can be proud of the continuous cooperation with our prominent partners in different parts of the world, which include ALROSA and ST-IDEAL (Russia), ROSY BLUE and SIROYA COLLECTIONS (UAE), ELTAD BEN, IGST and DWS (Israel), LAZUR LEGACY (USA).

Our company's achievements are mainly based on the following factors:

  1. Skillful and flexible management
  2. A team of experienced and first-class professionals
  3. Reliable relations with partners
  4. Employment of modern equipment in diamond production
  5. Support from the Government in procurement of raw materials in the international market and diamond manufacturing.

Agates factory consists of 3 production centers which are furnished with 23 cutting, 8 corner rounding and 75 polishing tools and modern equipment. The factory is also equipped with advanced diamond computerized tools of OGI Systems.

Currently, Agates is capable of producing 3000-5000 carats of rough diamond monthly (depending on the weight group). In case of bigger orders the capabilities can be increased more than twice in a short period of time.

Production of Agates is presented and sold in our gallery located at “World of Gold” in Yerevan.